How do you get Dressed?


Today I have a guest post over at my friend Kristabel’s blog where I’ve delved into my wardrobe and explained how it is that I actually go about choosing what to wear.

Kristabel’s blog is full of colour, what to wear inspiration and musings on what she’s looking to buy and how she’ll go about wearing it. She loves collections and groups of objects so I thought that my eclectic wardrobe would be a perfect thing to share over on her fashion lifestyle site.

Here are a few outtakes to give you a flavour of the post – do go over and let her know what you think!

Wonder Woman bombshell t-shirt on a rail from Junk Food clothing

Wonder Woman T-shirt as worn in my latest outfit post from Junk Food

Diesel Loverdose heart bottle and Penhaligon's perfume collection with cute objects on a shelf

Diesel’s Loverdose perfume and Penhaligon’s candle with bits and bobs on my chest of drawers

Hola! postcard with colourful caps and hats stacked up with colourful objects on a shelf

Cap stack – Visors and caps from travels and Guerlain Paris Shalimar perfume

Colourful necklaces hanging from hooks

L Alphabet canvas tote bag in gold hanging on a door with bright coloured bags

Hanging totes – L Alphabet Bag and Lazy Oaf print tote

Shoe collection on an orange shelf. Colourful trainers and flats in my bedroom

Inspirational fashion collage poster with catwalk photos

Necklaces strung up hanging over a door. Me and Zena, Tatty Devine, Gogo Philip

Necklaces hanging on my wardrobe – ‘ShinyThoughts’ bubble necklace and cheese necklace – Tatty Devine / Love-o-meter necklace – Me and Zena / Wooden heart necklace and gold cage ball necklace – Gogo Philip / Smiley face necklace – I Love Crafty

Chain bracelets in silver in my jewellery collection


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  • Cathia July 21, 2013 at 10:05 PM

    This is a really cute post – so colourful as well, you never disappoint! – will have to check out Kristabel’s full post too. Also, where did you get your clothes rail from? I really want to upgrade mine and yours is beautiful 🙂

    • Lulu July 23, 2013 at 12:12 PM

      Hey Cathia
      I just looked on eBay for reto or shabby chic or Victorian style rails. I think this was about 60 pounds 🙂 x

  • winnie July 21, 2013 at 9:07 PM

    I literally just commented on your guest post but your wardrobe looks so awesome! I’m quite taken with your collection of colourful shoes and mixture of prints! So great to have a sneak peek into your wardrobe 🙂