The Village

reflection in the mirror of the fellah hotel, marrakech restaurant. with palms and a view outside

sprig of flowers and little clay pots on a wooden table in the restaurant at the fellah hotel, marrakech

Russ McClintok, Alexxia and Kit at breakfast at the fellah hotel, marrakech

plate of Moroccan breakfast of local pancakes, jam and fresh fruit at the fellah hotel, marrakech

the beautiful spiral staircase in the library at the fellah hotel, marrakech

My Home from Home

I hope you liked my little taster outfit post below which gave a little glimpse into the incredible village/park/commune hotel in which Kit, Russ, Kate, Alexxia, Rachel and I stayed in when we first arrived in Morocco. It’s now time for a closer look!

I was incredible honoured to have been able to stay at the globally acclaimed cultural centre that is the Fellah hotel, a serene village 20 minutes out of the center of Marrakech which donates a proportion of profits to the heritage projects and acts as a support system for local start ups and initiatives. My room was jaw-droppingly large and boasted a view over the Atlas Mountains that did make my eyes prick a little. Then there was the pool and the cacti and the farm animals and the calm and the sun and it was just all too good.

I ‘lived’ in villa number 4 of 10 which also houses the complex’s beautiful communal library; the Dar al-Ma’mûn International Cultural Centre. Walk in, look up and you see a stunning arabic script engraved in the ceiling and rows of lanterns suspended above desks. When we first visited, it took about half an hour to realise that in an adjacent room there were 20 impeccably well behaved children painting in silence, totally absorbed in making the best representation of their mummies!

view from the hotel fellah, marrakech of the atlas mountains, the village and the trees, beautiful

patchwork chair and vase of grasses by the window in my room at the hotel fellah

my colourful wardrobe in Morocco. bright maxi dresses and prints

new look pink wedge sandals and maxi dresses

bathroom sinks hotel fellah with black tiles and products laid out

pile of colourful jewellery laid out on moroccan tiles

Beautiful pots of pot pourri at the Thai spa at the fellah hotel, marrakech

red tropical flower in hand

african plants at the fellah hotel, marrakech

morrocan porter at the hotel fallah greetin guests

#fairytalemorocco bloggers group in marrakech on holiday

hotel fellah marrakech garden with cacti

view over the pool at the hotel fellah marrakech with cacti and beautiful cloudy sky

colourful Moroccan cushions on outside sofa with palm trees

Next on the tour of our new home, through winding paths lined with beds ready to grow crops for the hotel kitchen, was a thai spa and beyond that you could spot the village girls playing about next to a huge art sculpture which had been entered into the famous Marrakech Biennale. In another villa, a team of artisans sat on the floor carving into wood by eye a series of reproductions of car engine parts which would all be joined together to form the center-piece for this years Biennale show.

Molecular Gastronomy

In the evening, after sniffing and stroking the shops impressive stock of weird and wonderful powders, leaves and dried plants, we were joined by the hotel founders and treated to a spectacular feast by one of the top chefs in Marrakech. Deep fried foie gras in a lentil soup with lavender caramel was a sure fine way to start it off and with different Moroccan wines with every one of the many courses, it was more than happily washed down too! It was the first time that we all tasted ‘gris’ wine, a stage between white and rose, which started a pretty strong love affair obsession with the drink that reared its head at almost every meal time!

the dining table at the fellah hotel, marrakech with water, wine, candles and fine food

beautiful moroccan plates and fine food at the fellah hotel, marrakech.

haute cuisine of lamb tagine with apricots and foam at the fellah hotel, marrakech

Haute cuisine desert at the fellah hotel, marrakech. Smoothie shots and macaroons.

I wouldn’t have wanted to stay anywhere else. Thank you The Fellah Hotel!

The Fellah Hotel is one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World and rooms start at around £130 per night. 


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  1. Can’t believe I missed this post! Was I away again?

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  2. Gorgeous,my love!Have a great weekend!

  3. What a vibrant place to stay… and those pink sandals- yes please!!

  4. Morocco sounds so fun! And all those photos <3 It seems like colorful place- it means perfect for you 🙂

  5. Please tell me Alexxsia didn’t smuggle a baby back home with her…

  6. Wow, this looks absolutely amazing, what an amazing place to stay!

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  7. Perfect pictures – your wardrobe and jewellery are so lovely and colourful! Your visit was super luxurious – my stay was definitely a little different as I stayed in a hostel, but it was a lovely little riad. I totally want to eat a yummy tagine dish now…

  8. Such pretty pictures! I love all the colours. The wardrobe pictures are super enticing, I must say! ♥ { }

  9. I am lusting over that room with the winding stairs and bookcase!
    Lovely post, so dreamy 🙂

  10. Awesome pictures! This place looks beautiful <3

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