Show Time in Bratislava

checking the schedule for the show backstage model hair

backstage at central city style show

models hair refections

Barbi model backstage

lucy and Extravidansa models backstage at central

i heart city style london on screens

Central London City Style

Here it is – my Bratislavian mission as set by dance production group Extravadansa: To dress models for my own London city fashion show as part of the City Style series, helping to promote Bratislavas best new shopping centre – Central! I was joined by my French Bloggy pal Céline as well as Milans Evgenia and Bratislavas own Tamara Heribanová, all challenged with the task of portraying our own cities unique fashion style using just the pieces from the hundreds of stores in the center.

It turned out to be tricker than I imagined as we had to keep mental lists of the 26 different mens, womens and childs looks we wanted to create as we trotted around the shops. I barely recalled what I’d already picked up, and didn’t have a clue what we were to discover in the shops ahead! I ended up overcompensating and came backstage with twice as many mens mens clothes due to freaking out that I would be left short! Despite spending two 13 hour days inside a shopping center on 4 hours sleep, the show was great fun to put together and really rewarding to watch at the end!

Behind the Scenes!

Check out my behind the scenes and rehearsal video of the show – don’t worry it’s not too long! Then below are a couple of shots of the performance itself. Would you say it was ‘London’ enough?!

nikola ballet dancer in ombre outfit

central fashion show London

models dancing in the central shopping mall fashion show

london central fashion show models and lucy

4 Cities, 4 Styles

My favourite aspect of the project was seeing the stark differences in the feel of each of our shows. Whether pretty pastel dresses in Paris, or sharp suits in Milan, each show gave you clear sense of the city you were watching, I think all the girls did brilliantly to pull each look out of the bag (or several shopping trollies!) You can see each of the shows on the Central Facebook page. I had a fantastic time with the models and staff, they were all incredibly professional yet endlessly friendly. (Model Barbi even convinced me to shave a bit of my hair off!) I always admire people who have a never ending supply of energy when working all day, even at 2am!

slovakian poet interview for TV

interviewing for Slovakian TV

Petra Extravidansa and central manager

friends at dinner after the show

buffet of salads, ham, salami and cheeses

celebrating at the table with model friends and champagne

Extravadansa group celebrating fashion show at central

The weekend didn’t just include the show itself, there were interviews, a TV chat with the legends that are Fashion TV (YES I WAS DYING!!) and photoshoots for Slovakian magazines – more to come on that! It wasn’t all work in Bratislava though – if you missed my two last posts on the city itself do take a look for a view from the glorious castle and an insight into the pretty cobbled streets and fun grafitti.

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  1. Oh wow this looks like so much fun Lucy! I love the photo of you and all the models. Hope you had a fab weekend too! x

  2. Love the buzz around getting ready for events like this! Everything looks so vibrant and colourful. And that food looks delicious. 🙂

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