Bright and Bold in Bratislava

Bratislava street and church with castle in the background and tram lines

Red tram in Bratislava

Bratislava street lined with trees and cafes

Bratislava courtyard building with flags and turquoise ornate roof. beautiful Slovakian architecture

Graffiti in the Old City

Ahoj! I’ve just got back from a rather random trip to the Slovakian capital of Bratislava, situated right in the left corner of the country, sitting cosy next to Austria and Hungary in Europe. I’ll be explaining the said ‘randomness’ of it very soon, but if you’re itching to hear what on Earth I got up to, my Instagram feed between April 18th and 21st will give you some tasty insta-bites!

The most important thing right now though is that it was hot. (well, hot compared to the fail of a climate in the UK at the time.) FINALLY some vitamin D for my body! It was such a treat to hop along the cobbled stepping stoned streets in just my comfy Lazy Oaf slob T-shirt and leggings ensemble and ASOS sunnies. Not wearing a jacket was a novelty I tell you! I was also delighted to sport my happy cartoon-stuff-with-faces look which looked right at home next to the highly artistic parrot and robot graffiti and brightly coloured walls!

lazy oaf look in the sun on holiday slouchy tshirt and print leggings

derelict old buildings gated off in bratislava

Orange arena graffiti sign in subway underpass

Grafitti wall with Office wedge chain trainers and Lazy Oaf stickers leggings

Grafitti wall in Bratislava with tags and a beaver cartoon

Asos round sunglasses with lazy oaf necklace and cactus print sweatshirt

grafitti walls by the bus station in Bratislava

Fun sporty outfit with a Lazy Oaf slob Tshirt in varsity style with a geometric plastic necklace and asos cactus print sweatshirt.

‘Lazy’ slob T-shirt – (old) Lazy Oaf (similar here!)/ Stickers leggings – Lazy Oaf / Geometric necklace – (old) Lazy Oaf / Cactus sweatshirt – (old) Mens ASOS / Print and chain wedge trainers – Office Shoes / Purple sunglasses – ASOS (similar here!) / ?! earrings – Topshop present from Olivia!

More on the city including its amazing castle and a video to come!


14 Replies to “Bright and Bold in Bratislava”

  1. Just discovered your blog today, love all the colour! Bratislava looks wonderful, a lot like Prague, itching for a holiday now. Happy travelling!

  2. I love your Lazy Oaf necklace and this awesomely bright and cheery outfit! I love the full shot of you against that turquoise wall. Super awesome.

  3. Bratislava looks likes such a beautiful city! Your pictures are gorgeous and the graffiti is such a contrast to the architecture around it.
    Jodie xx
    Future Freaks Me

  4. I love all the bright colours it looks so summery! And Lazy Oaf clothing is always so crazy and creative aha, looks greatxx

  5. The not wearing a jacket is a real novelty, isn’t it! I swear when I get back from LA I’m going to both freeze and be soaking wet all the time as I have become so used to not leaving the house with a jacket or an umbrella!

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