Frost and Flowers

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blue ASOS bowling bag and flower stems

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First a THANK YOU!

Before blabbering something silly about buying too many roses and my toes nearly chipping off with the cold, I just want to thank you all so SO much for your lovely, supportive comments about my dear friend on my post below. I never expected so many condolences and I really appreciate them. If you would like to show your support in a way that truly will help others, we’d be absolutely delighted if you to donate a penny or two to our charity remembrance page. Thank you a million times to those precious people who have done so far despite not knowing my beautiful friend. On to Columbia Road…

walking down Columbia Road London roses in arms

buying roses on Columbia Road

pink roses trainers bowling bag

lucy smiling walking out of turquoise shop columbia road

spotty tights bowling bag roses shearling jacket smile

Shearling Jacket – Topshop Outlet (similar in burgundy) / Shiny Skirt – H&M /Blue Rabbit Bowler Bag, Spotty Tights and Dagger Earrings – ASOS  / Trainers – Liberty x Nike / Necklace – Fairytales and Hidden Notes

My First Time at the Flower Market!

Related to my previous post are the stunning roses that I had picked up here on Columbia Road where me and my lovely gaggle of giggling girlies wandered up and down, buying pretty blooms and thawing out in Lily Vanilli’s cafe in an attempt to drink the cold out of our bones. It was such a lovely day out, all gossiping, snapping and ending in The Breakfast Club, the pancakes which quite frankly MADE the day!

I splurged on stunning roses that looked like the head of the flower had been lightly dipped in orange dye so as to create an ombre effect on each petal. A pot plant for my mum and an ‘oh go on then, I’ll get another bunch of roses’ later, I was pretty laden with plants! It made a change from the last time I was on the same street when there was not even a petal in sight! Barely a single boutique along Columbia Road is open outside of the weekend so make sure you get down there when it’s on for some fab flowery bargains!

I’d highly recommend taking a look at StyleSlicker too, Kit always takes the most stunning shots of her floral finds to inspire you on what to purchase.

Columbia Road and Laveiro cafew brick houses sunset

Lucy shinythoughts red hair big earrings glasses girl

Regiment of Dreamers necklace Fairytales and Hidden Notes collar detail

There’s quite a severe lack of actual flowerage in this post. Probably, mainly, definitely due to the fact that I moronically formatted my picture card before uploading my photos (massive Blogger brownie point deduction right there!) Using PhotoRec, I managed to suck the second half of my snaps out of the abyss – boxes of flowers omitted. It’s lucky though as KristabelCarrieOlivia and Dunya have all made up for it with beautiful snaps of their fave blooms – take a look!


17 Replies to “Frost and Flowers”

  1. omg lucy, you always show so many amazing places so my heart is broken! don’t you want to adopt me? lol
    but seriously, you girls look like amazing fashionistas in fairy tale <3 I love it!

  2. Such lovely photos, especially the one of the 4 girls…so natural! I’ve been wanting to head down to Colombia Road for ages and now I just have to go and get some of those beautiful roses!x

  3. If you have time, check out the New Covent Garden Flower Market in Vauxhall, it’s massive and it’s amazing. Best time to go is between 7am-9am (they open from 3am tip 9am…wholesale trading time).
    Do keep your flowers, dry them, use them for still life shots.

  4. Columbia Road looks like such a lovely place, I’ll definitely have to make a visit whenever I’m next in London!


  5. Hi Lucy
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! I had the biggest smile when i read it 😀
    Your blog is so inspirational! Your outfits, photography and places you visit (:
    I love your floral Nike trainers too! Have a lovely weekend!


  6. I once visited Columbia Road totally by accident on a trip to London a few years ago and it made me happy in that crazy full-of-champagne-bubbles sort of way, it’s hard not to feel shiny while surrounded by such loveliness isn’t it?

    Argh! Photo woes! Don’t I know the feeling, I was recently given my first ever DSLR (having pinched the boy’s to blog with for years!) and I’ve made a couple of rookie mistakes with memory cards myself. Not a brilliant feeling, and quite frustrating!

    I absolutely adore your necklace in the final image!

    Jem xXx

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