A Shiny 2012!

Welcome back to 2012! Click the pale grey links in the captions to take you to the relevant post. Don’t miss my favourite year in reviews from some brilliant Bloggers at the bottom too. Happy New Year!

wearing colourful outfits

Outfit: Covent Garden Colours

wearing more colourful outfits

Outfit: Scones, Sugar and a Giant Glitter Bow

wearing colourful accessories

getting a mac and redesigning shinythoughts.net

My greatest investment other than my camera, and the joy of designing and launching my own blog design!

Visiting Antwerp

I visited Antwerp with my uni class! I made the most of the fun street furniture to take outfit photos  and had many a treat in a cafe.

DIYs shoes painting

I posted a couple of DIY’s but I’d love to do more!

Turning 22 with friends

Celebrated my ripe old age with a superb lunch made by a bunch of brilliant friends and got gifted this incredible cheesecake by Jazmine!

ShinyThoughts turns 3

What a big girl! I celebrated with cupcakes (of course) and a giveaway and thanked you all so much for reading!

planning WISH Magazine content

drinking tea

Carrie and I revealed that we were going to make a magazine together and gave a sneak peek of the planning. We made it for our final major project at uni and lots of you got very excited over the idea!

launching WISH Magazine

WISH Magazine launch party cake

After months of solid work, we printed our baby with the support of Penhaligon’s perfume. I organised a launch party for Wish with massive hand made decorations, a huge cake from Yummy in your Tummy and a special gin cocktail made just for us by Hendricks. I showed you all how I did it in this post and then this behind the scenes video.

Featuring all our hard work on Wish Magazine

We finally got to show off the finished mag and sold nearly 1000 copies around the world – my greatest achievement so far.

celebrating the success of WISH Magazine

collaborating with Laura Ashley

Wish Magazine brought us opportunities to work with brilliant brands. I created some homeware photos for Laura Ashley and the Wish Mag team were treated to an amazing day out in London on board the MCM bus!

seeing london on a private MCM bus

hope and greenwood book britishness

The jubilee! Celebrating Britishness in my TV show project and baking royal treats with Hope & Greenwood

Joining Take 10

I joined the monthly styling project and loved it! Here’s our Best of British challenge.

Graduating! from Middlesex university with first

I finally got to leave uni!

wondering what to do after graduation silhouette

I was left wondering what on Earth I was going to do with my life at our graduate show so I started Freelancing.

Having the best time during the Olympics

Sitting front row at womens Team GB volleyball olympics match

Having the excuse to dress in sports style olympics london

Celebrating the Olympics to the max with my cousin Lorene. We did this and I wore this sporty outfit on London’s Southbank and this one on one of many visits to Hyde Park!

Discovering new places in London

A nitrogen ice cream parlour, London Zoo and countless other places, I always love to be doing something!

Soaking up the sun at Wilderness Festival

I got to go to my first niche festival, Wilderness thanks to Barbour! I wore a jumper and wellies and when it got too hot I wore this 

visiting Kilver Court somerset

I took my (now annual) trip to Somerset with Carrie. We went to Kilver Court again for tea and outlet shopping.

Visiting the Tusting leather bag factory England

customised Tusting bag clutch

I had the most incredible opportunity to visit the Tusting factory in Bedfordshire  and was offered my own leather clutch which I got to design myself!

Dressing the Liberty xmas trees

I set up the xmas shop at Liberty for the second year running and this time remembered to keep photos so that I could show you how it’s done!

featured on ASOS fashion finder 5 ways to wear

I was overjoyed to be featured on ASOS Fashion Finder!

getting a job at ASOS fashion finder

And then, when I decided I really aught to get a real job… I got one at ASOS FF!!

seaside beach Devon holiday with girls

Going to Devon with my girlfriends 

Food with Friends

having days out with my Blogging babes!

We can’t wait to do this more in 2013!

making new friends

The amazing Mariell and Jostein came over from Norway and brightened up mine and Carrie’s lives. I’m so pleased to have met them and to have facilitated another great friendship for them in Caitlin

having the best friend ever Carrie

After living and uni-ing together for 2 years, we moved away but it’s ok – we now work together! I wouldn’t be where I am without this little lady! We went to Wilderness festival together, created a magazine and I threw her a surprise birthday picnic party in August too.


Mostly I’ve been doing lots of this (like a goofball) and supplying this blog with lots of colour. All us Bloggers say it, but I am highly appreciative of all the opportunities I’ve been given and am also very proud of myself, I do hope you are too. THANK YOU all so much for reading my shiny thoughts in 2012, lets see what the next year has in store!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my ridiculously long round up! Here are some of my favourites that have got me all ruffled and inspired. Highlights of 2012 by Style Slicker (my favourite) / Adieu 2012 by Park & Cube / What Olivia Did in 2012 by Olivia / RECAP by StyleLimelight (soo many outfits!) / 2012 Lista by Hjartesmil. Do share yours in the comments and have a fab 2013 y’all!


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  1. Love the recap and specially the WISH magazine part that got me really excited to get a copy, but I think that mine got lost because I never received it 🙁 well anyhow I’m happy to know that I contributed to your lovely project. I can’t wait to know about your 2013 plans! 🙂

  2. your life is like a dream. i just don’t know what to say more.. and the most beautiful thing about this is your lovely smile which makes me smile too .
    keep doing this. life is better because of colorful people like YOU <3

  3. Love how you’ve laid this out Lucy, and what a lovely, colourful, positive year you’ve had! I always love dipping into your smiley blog, can’t wait for more in 2013!

  4. Ah I love your super colourful round up. Can I just say that your blog always makes me smile? Hope I get to see more of you this year – if only I didn’t live so far away! Happy New Year xxx

  5. I was introduced to your blog in 2012 by a friend, and I think its great, I even bought a copy of WISH mag – its beautiful! Congrats! x

  6. I love this post – it looks like you’ve had an excellent year! And all of your link at the bottom are to my favourite blogs 🙂 x

  7. What a lovely post to read! It sounds like you had a very amazing/exciting/unbelievable year. Congrats on it all! Wish Magazine was one of my favourite reads of the year (and being a Fashion Journalist student means I read a lot!) I wish you all the best in 2013 🙂


  8. Happy New Year Lucy and congrats on the ASOS job! Ha, we have the same coloured Tusting clutch, I’m using it to store my Hayfever meds hehehehe. xxx

  9. Shiny Thoughts has been one of my very favourite places to float away to in Blogland for a couple of years now and it has been lovely to see you having so many exciting successes 🙂 Especially envious of your trip to Wilderness, it looked like an absolute dream! It must be so wonderful to have such a close friend who also blogs to share the fun with! 🙂

    Jem xXx

  10. Oh Lucy, this is such a lovely roundup – and so bright and colourful! Happy new year, and if I have not already said it congrats on the ASOS job! Hopefully I’ll see you sometime when I move back to London in September x

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