Mini DIY – Uniqlo Patches

uniqlo andrea crews patches on leggings pile

Easy Peasy Iron-On Patches

I’ve just taken part in a pretty nifty little project with Uniqlo which has taken me right back to when I was 11 – fashion designer in the making, artistically positioning diamante-spangled denim patches on a skirt which I had just reconstructed out of old jeans. In my element I was then, and in my adult element was I when I recreated this nostalgic pastime. Albeit with larger, designer patches by the marvellous Andrea Crews!

I’ve created a super easy step-by-step guide to create some customised leggings. Uniqlo have showcased my little craft sesh alongside some other creatively brilliant Bloggers in the patch project on their Pinterest page. Do take a look at what  have come up with. I’m really impressed with the DIY by Kingdom of Style (so much so that I’m slightly embarrassed mine wasn’t more clever!) and doesn’t Barginsta Fashionista’s really work too?

uniqlo andrea crews patches back instructions

Right then, just grab yourself a pair of leggings and lets get going!

1. Gather together your chosen patches and pins – long ones with small heads work best. I’ve chosen to customise houndstooth leggings, but a khaki jacket, sweatshirt or shorts would also work well. Make sure you have your iron ready and thin tea towel to hand.

Buttonbag sewing kit, patches, pins, iron

2. Put your chosen item on and, standing in front of a mirror, decide on the positioning of the patches. I put mine at the front where pockets would be but I also loved the idea of having them in a line down the side of your thigh like army patches!

pinning uniqlo andrea crews present patch

3. Take off your item and switch on the iron. Whilst it’s heating, lie the item flat on the ironing board and reposition the patches. Pin the patch where you want it attached. Turn your item inside out and lie it flat. Take iron in hand, pose for photo as if you’re a 50’s domestic godess. smile, good.

lucy with iron bow in hair domestic godess! ;)

ironing uniqlo leggings DIY patches

4. Place your thin cloth over the back of the area. Press the whole patch with the iron for 20 seconds then using the tip of the iron, make little circles in areas around the pins to ensure the glue on the back of the patch is fully melted.

uniqlo andrea crews patches on leggings ironing board

uniqlo andrea crews patches on leggings red hair

5. Once cooled, turn your item back the right way and ensure the patches are completely fused to the fabric. Put your newly customised item on and wear with pride!


Badoom-ching! To help you on your way, I’m giving away 3 patches (two heart houses and a bauble) and a set of stickers! (just seen in first photo) Just let me know if you’d like them in your comment. I’ll pick out a British based winner in my next post. HAPPY PATCHING!!  

Lucy jumping in garden red and grey outfit

uniqlo andrea crews patches on leggings vintage jumper

Fleurs french vintage jumper red hair grey coat

Leggings – Uniqlo / Sweatshirt – Mum’s / Grey coat – Next / Boots – Faith
P.s HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I’m just pretending it’s not new quite yet, I’ll be doing a roundup of the last year on ShinyThoughts in my next post!
P.p.s THANK YOU for helping me choose what to wear for NYE – I wore the sequin dress yay! Might pop it on again to show you how it looked. Hope you had a great night too!

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  1. I love these patches, I once spent ages sewing on patches to my jeans, hope those photos never see the light of day!

    Maria xxx

  2. Ah I love the patches (& the stickers!) The would look quite amazing on a new pair of leggings I got in the topshop sale yesterday! Love your blog hope you had a happy new year xxx

  3. I’ve literally only just discovered your lovely blog! I was sent here by a link on Jazazabelle’s blog and am here to stay! I loved patches when I was younger, I remember my mum ironing them onto my denim jacket for me when I was about 8 😀 Love this post and love those patches 🙂

    Miss Tea

  4. Such a cute idea! I used to LOVE these kind of patches when I was younger too! When I lived in Brunei, we had awful skirts for our uniforms – floor length, and (bogey) green coloured. I went out and bought a MASSIVE pack of iron-on patches and attached them all over the skirt. Bliss!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

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