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How to Dress a Christmas Tree – Liberty Style!

Put the baubles down! Step away from the tree and read this first for some tips on how to dress your tree ‘properly’! Christmas has come early for me in the last two years – the first week in September to be exact! I help set up the Christmas shop at Liberty in London – the famous luxury emporium with its, quite frankly, awesome xmas shop! After spending ages last year documenting how we dress our trees for you, I was horrified to discover that I’d lost the photos! So I’ve tried again this year with my Forest Floor tree. Here’s how to properly dress your sapin (yes I didn’t know there was an art to it either, hence why I wanted to share my tips with you!)

How to decorate a christmas tree wire

1 – Pick a Theme

Yep, this is an expensive way of doing things but it does produce the best results! Whether you’d like a modern, Scandinavian crafts theme / a super-classic gold and red with tartan look / or perhaps a celestial textural, all-white creation with plumes! Just pop into Liberty and you can easily shop straight from the huge loosely Dickensian inspired collection, you won’t be able to choose! The more limited your colour palette, the better the overall effect. I dressed mine with a forest flora and fauna theme…

how to dress a christmas tree collect baubles from Liberty

2 – Collect Your Decorations and Materials

Get some wire and cutters – they are your key tools! Start with the lights then choose your string and wrap it up down your tree (no tinsel here!) I chose this berries string.

Next collect your baubles and ornaments! This is the most fun thing for me as I get to go ‘shopping’ in store! Stick to around 10-15 different decoration options with around a third of them being a round classic bauble shape. You’ll need around 4-10 of each of these options. (Yep, that’s a lot of decs!) Also pick up a few fun ornaments – I chose some cute deer and mushroom clusters that you can stuff into gaps at the end.

collect baubles and decorations for your tree mushrooms and deer

3 – Make your Clusters

Cut pieces of wire approximately 10cm long. Collect together 3 or 4 decorations that look pretty and balanced together. I advise having two baubles and two other shaped decorations together. Thread the wire through the metal hoops on the base of each bauble and not the ribbon that allows it to hang longer. You want the cluster nice and tight! Hold it up afterwards to check how they look together. (watch out for those rather phallic looking clusters, you may not want those protruding from your tree… or maybe you do.)

string up baubles together to from a cluster

attach clusters of baubles together using wire on your tree

4 – Tie Your Clusters to Your Tree

Take your cluster and twist the wire round a frond so that it’s nice and tight. you may like to nestle some clusters further in the tree too. You’ll then need to rearrange your cluster so that it looks best. Here I tucked the acorn so the string didn’t show. Add all your clusters to the tree. (about 10-15) Then take some extra decorations that are odd shapes or fun ornaments and hang them close to the trunk and in gaps.

add single baubles mushroom gisella graham at liberty

robin christmas decoration gisella graham

5 – Add Your Ornaments

This is a fun little extra to give your tree that Liberty Look. Take some large but light ornaments and sit them in the branches. These can be peacock feathers, glittery masks, angels that would normally top the tree, bunting, you name it!

stuff in ornaments and objects deer in tree

6 – Finish With a Wreath

What angel? She can sit in the tree with her sisters, it’s all about the wreath here! Hoop it over the top of the tree and Voila!

add a wreath to the top of the tree to finish

christmas forest berries wreath at Liberty christmas shop

Woodland themed christmas tree at Liberty

finished christmas trees at liberty shop london decorations

My Woodland tree on the left and a London themed christmas tree on the right. Make your tree as stuffed as you like. I added a bit more to mine after the photo. Good luck! Here are some more snaps of our beautiful Christmas Shop. Do pop in if you can!

christmas orange dried fruit wreaths in Liberty shop

bowls of baubles glass jars at Liberty Christmas Shop

Grimms fairytales books at Liberty Christmas shop

zoe liberty fox and deer felt busts on wall

My favourite thing – These felt animal busts, aren’t they the cutest! Zoe, my colleague models the advent calendar tree ‘dress’!

christmas pudding baubles liberty

Liberty christmas cards shop

liberty xmas shop sweets in bowls festive


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  1. this is thorough! i didn’t realise there was so much to it but clearly i’m missing out

  2. Loving the trees Lucy : ) I grew up with haphazard, multicoloured ornaments, tinsel and lights, so I’ve stuck to the same approach this year – it’s not exactly stylish but it’s Christmassy to me 🙂

  3. Soooo beautiful!!! That tree is.. Perfect! I want one like it!! <3<3<3

  4. LOVE these trees, I have never thought of clustering decorations!

    Maria xxx

  5. This is the most perfect christmas post ever! You need to come to my house and do my tree for me haha


  6. I am far too excited about Christmas… that possible?! I love the idea of bauble clusters for the tree, will have to bear this in mind for next year! The christmas pud and mushroon baubles are great and I love the sweets counter, thanks for sharing.

  7. The way you’ve done the tree is soooo gorgeous! I didn’t realise there was such a science to it! xo

  8. I love Christmas so much! <3 Wearing chrismtas tree is so exciting! Unfortunatelly, mine is so small every year, cus my cat ):

  9. I was in Liberty yesterday to buy decorations but it was so rammed that I ran away!

    I’ll be back during the week early morning to buy some decs, though. Thank you for the post – it’s given me a few ideas 🙂

  10. Your woodland tree looks so magical, Lucy! I’ve been in Liberty three times this week and, each time, haven’t been able to resist popping up to the Christmas shop.

    1. haha wow 3 TIMES! That’s dedication there Michelle! 😀 I’ve bought loads of things too, can’t wait to give them to people! x

  11. Your tree looks stunning! I love the idea of having lots of baubles together on one piece of wire.

  12. love these photos!

    lots of love and a merry christmas from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  13. These are all beautiful! I love decorating my tree each year, especially as now I don’t live at home I can actually touch the tree! My boyfriend always laughs at me for obsessing over what colours can go on the tree and how I won’t buy decorations I like because they don’t fit with the rest of the tree. Really enjoyed these tips and ideas, although it will fuel my fascination/obsession! Thank you and Merry Christmas x

  14. These are so so so beautiful, Lucy! I want to see the Liberty Christmas shop so badly!

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