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Take10 x Zalando Boots!

Zalando boots oxblood patent lace up rabbit boot brush

black berries on green and red shrub autumn

autumn outfit mustard and burgundy in garden

next coat aviator new look leopard clutch

Zalando boots close up jeans

zalando collection boots shiny lace up on wooden fence

Tough Gal Boots!

Have you heard about the Take 10 challenge? It’s the genius project whereby 10 quite different self-style Bloggers style up a piece from the same brand to showcase the variety of styles of us Bloggers and looks achievable with one piece or one brand! This month we’ve been working with the fab Zalando – a European online shop that’s going find itself comfortably on everyone’s shopping radar very soon. Did you see the post I did before about the outfits I’d love to grab straight from the screen?

Zalando sent us a preview of their beautiful ‘Zalando Collection‘ range which impressed me with it’s fashion credibility. I straight away loved the look of these red / Oxblood boots. (now only £80!) Whilst I could only see them photographed straight-on on the model, I had a funny feeling they’d be perfect and.. oh, they are! I decided to bring them into a colourful autumnal outfit rather than anything too dark but I’m quite keen to try them out with plum lips and a lace maxi dress.

re berries on plant green garden close up

holding coat in the garden

Zalando boots in leaves oxblood shiny tough ankle

close up on gogo phillip necklace collar red hair bright

Zalando collection lace up booties dark

Lace up red boots – / Burgundy knit jumper – Barbour / Mustard jeans – / Leopard blouse (similar) – Charity shop / Chunky chain necklace and long necklace – Gogo Philip / Aviator coat – Next / Leopard clutch (similar) – Old New Look

Practical brownie points are awarded to these babies due to the fact that you don’t have to open the laces to get them on and off – phew! They’re also super comfortable, daily wear stylee! (I wore them on an exhaustive trip to Ikea on their first outing and quite amazed with both them and my calf muscle performance.) Love them – go get your leather, lace and studs out because these are one’s for the gothy/baroquey trend – go!

And now the fun bit – take a look at how the other Take 10 girlies styled their Zalando pieces! I love that Fritha from Fish Tank Fashion has picked the same item as me, nice boots Fritha!

Where is Harriet / Hi Fashion / What Olivia Did / We Shop Therefore We Are / Fish Tank Fashion / Pink Bow / Media Marmelade / The Magpie Girl / Pretty Much Penniless 


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  1. Love this outfit! The jumper looks perfect for winter, and I adore the coloured jeans with the boots.

  2. stella job as always

  3. Love the boots and how you styled them! The mustard yellow trousers are gorgeous with the jumper. I’m amazed they were so comfortable on their first trip out though, they must be some fab shoes! xx

  4. LOOOOVE the boots and how you’ve styled them. Everyone’s come up with some amazing outfits! How did you get into doing Take 10? It’s something I’d love to be involved in!xxx

  5. Best boots evarrrr! Clearly we both have amazing taste :p

    I love all the berry colours in your outfit Lucy! I think you’d look awesome in the lace maxi/plum lips look too, definitely try it out.

  6. these boots are pretty awesome and i love how you put all these colours together <3

  7. love your boots. 🙂
    Irene Wibowo

  8. The boots suit you so well!

  9. You’re wearing those boots so well! I love the colour of them.

  10. These boots are beautiful! Such a lovely colour…

    Maria xxx

  11. Wow! These are amazing. I adore the colour! Why is it though that lace up boots all seem to have side zips – are we really all getting so lazy that we can’t be bothered to tie our own laces?!

  12. Those boots are perfection on you! I love the colour so much.

  13. Love the colour of those boots.. never thought I would like them with a heel.. but they work really well! Might have a sneaky look around Zalando now!

    Trisha Xx

  14. How did you keep them so clean and shiny in the midst of damp-leafed autumnal footfall? Great palette of colours in both your outfit and the backdrop for these marvellous-looking boots. Lovely shot of the boot resting on the mossed gate too.

  15. Cool autumn colors! Great combination of casual and a bit of rock! 😉

  16. Beautiful boots! I love the colour.

  17. I absolutely love these boots. Good pick, lady!

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