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Wish Magazine Making Of!

wish magazine launch party helpers

To our launch party I wore a summery playsuit by Traffic People, nude heels by Nelly and an adorable ‘Wish’ necklace – sent to us both from Fairytales and Hidden Notes!

Our Launch Party!

avril packing goodie bags for wish magazine launch party

carrie cutting up card for wish magazine launch party decorations

Making of the Mag

dog doggy at the printers printing wish magazine

wish magazine sunglasses photoshoot make up

sunglasses photoshoot for wish magazine lucy stylist tweaking model

Adorable sunglasses string by Bliss Lau at The Moon and Mars

lucy becky daisy havign fun behind the scenes photoshoot wish magazine

Behind the Scenes of our Magazine!

All summer long Carrie and I tweeted, chatted and blogged about the creative baby which we made together. Partly for our end of university project, and partly because we wanted to make something beautiful for you, Wish Magazine was certainly very well received! I’ve been delighted to hear how many of you have bought a copy, if not have heard about our little journal of love through that ripe old blogging grapevine!

Sadly, the end of the summer season is up on us and our stocks have almost completely depleted so we’re going to be closing our online shop on Sunday 18th November so just over two weeks! Thank you so much to every one of your who have bought our magazine! Of course, if you live in the southern half of this Earth, summer is just starting – lucky you! So you may want to grab yourself a last minute copy to see you through the hazy days!

Setting up our Graduate Show

lucy cutting wall paper to size cath kidston

Our beautiful floral rose sprig wallpaper was very kindly donated by Cath Kidston!

spray painting photo frames gold

sweets on cake stand

Wish Magazine on side table

wish magazine truman brewery middlesex university show set up

In June we set up our show at The Old Truman brewery as part of our uni showcase – we created a nook of a room with old tables and chairs, Wish paraphernalia and of course, our cute Cath Kidston wall paper!

Watch it all Happen!

And now! I’m so so pleased to finally be able to show you my behind the scenes of Wish Magazine video!!

I made it as part of the project as I felt that other young people who might want to do a similar project, or those of you who weren’t so familiar with Wish might find it interesting. It’s also great to be able to look back and remember the whole mad process! I am going to disclaim now though that it is 15 minutes long, so go grab a cuppa. (It also isn’t my finest video work! Juggling this with everything else in those 3 short months was a bit tricky so please don’t judge! hehe.) I really hope you’re able to watch it though – I’d love to know if you found it interesting!

To win a Penhaligon’s goodie bag of Wish Mag treats, just tweet your mag creatively with the #WishMag hashtag! – The competition is still open until we close sales so do show us how you’re enjoying your magazine!


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  1. This is such an inspirational/motivational video. I wish I had half your organisational skills. The only sad part is that I missed out on getting such an amazing magazine xx

    1. Hey Sammie!
      If you’d still like a mag, just email me, and we can send you one with payment via PayPal! 🙂

  2. That’s the cutest video! So charming – and what a great project, too.

  3. all the hard work has certainly paid off, seriously well done

  4. Lucy this video is AMAZING. what are you even chatting about- you both have super talent powers, and should be so so proud (I certainly am) xxx

    1. ow wow thank you carrot babe! hahahaa that’s very kind of you – thanks so much for watching!!

  5. This looks great, I love seeing the behind the scenes stuff!

    Maria xxx

  6. wowwwww! this is amazing, ah it’s so useful as i’d like to do something like this one day. really helpful and also so interesting to see how you did everything, you should be proud of yourself! x

    1. Thank you Ronan – thats so kind! 😀 Glad you enjoyed it! x

  7. I have to say that is such an interesting video – I’ve always wanted to see the preparation behind these shoots and parties because they all always end up looking so perfect in the end. It’s great to see the work that goes into them – looks like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. What a fantastic video! I really enjoyed seeing behind the scenes of Wish, and how everything came together!

  9. oh lucy, you don’t even know how i’m jealous of your life! you are the cutest blogger i’ve ever seen, i guess!:) really, when i watched this video i was like: omg omg and this cat <3 and she has so many lovely stuff <3 and this party! <3 (next time i want to be invited! i will come! hah) and omg. it's just incredable that you guys did it on your own <3 and the best is that it's so close to your heart and you can feel it when you have this mag in hands. it's such shame that you close the web. i thought you are maybe going to do second editorial, cus this one was perfect. oh lucy, lucy. you did great job!!!!!

  10. Oh my cuteness!Everything looks so adorable!kisses Coco

  11. This was really fun to read about and watch :D. Fifteen minutes flew by and it was a welcome distraction from the news channel I’ve had on for the past two hours. You and Carrie are both so creative and know so many other talented people – it’s really inspiring <3.

  12. Aww Lucy, this is a fantastic little video, really showing just how much hard work was put into your magazine. Thanks for taking us behind the scenes 😀 xxx

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