Little Yellow Dress

trumpet and flowers

Tea tent the village hall wilderness festival cake bunting

Vintage yellow sporty dress outfit

performers crazy suits wilderness festival

croquet wilderness festival red white stripe jacket British

Las Vegas necklace Hannah Zakari

dahlias red wine

Wilderness festival children's area branches decoration

Sunset at Wilderness Festival!

It’s been quite a while since I was whisked off by train to Oxfordshire to experience the sweet little Wilderness festival, but I still have lots to show you! This post has got me crossing my fingers that the weather in Britain will be just as beautiful as it was today and in these photos but my instinct and the weatherman tell me this wont be the case! Let’s enjoy it while we can eh?

I took the warm weather as the perfect opportunity to show you my new yellow dress! I picked it up in a surprise half price vintage sale in East London where I also picked up an amazing pair of Watermelon bloomers that you’ll see in my next Wilderness post! I love this dress, it has just the right amount sportiness with its split up to the waist and the strip of mesh along the bust. Plus the stiff, fresh cotton fabric makes it delightfully cool in the heat.

I wouldn’t normally flash so much flesh but Carrie and I had just been dipping in the lake down at the bottom of the festival where some daredevils were swanning around nude. Suddenly being in a swimsuit felt quite demure! To shield the festival goers from my shocking seventies onesie, I slipped the dress over the top, added my new Hannah Zakari necklace and dug out some sunnies. We ambled through the children’s field, marvelled at the fresh fired pizza stand and stood for ages watching children trying to pop a million bubbles as they flew out of giant nets.

Fresh pizza making at Wilderness Festival

big smile sunset festival

sunglasses yellow dress at Wilderness Festival

Wilderness Festival bubble making net children in sunset

me and Zena bag split thigh cotton dress

OMG black acrylic ASOS glasses string

wilderness festival girl in sunset

Carrie and I caught these photos as the sun set and then ran off to watch Bugsy Malone in the woods and dance the night away among arial artists and open fires – it was such an amazing time!

Yellow cotton dress – Rokit Vintage (in the secret half price sale!) / Las Vegas necklace – c.o Hannah Zakari

OMG sunglasses string – ASOS / Sunglasses – New Look

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    1. it’s a beautiful dress (great coolur) and i love your little model too! i say make the most of sewing for her. my daughter (6.5 yrs) is starting to favour the jeans-and-hoodie look and i’m glad i made her tons of clothes while she was still into wearing them!

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