MCM Wish Magazine launch party

MCM loves wish magazine routemaster bus in park lampost london

caitlin and lucy sitting in MCM bus london travel

houses of parliament from top deck MCM routemaster bus

Marinmonroe daley hawkins on board MCM bus in london

Big ben london eye from double decker top deck bus

M&S marks and spencer picnic on bus

salad picnic m&s

‘Typical’ British Weather!

I’m kidding, this was a day with weather I’ve certainly not seen an a good few months! Rain came plopping down as if a well packed block of clouds decided to come down to tree level and then dump its load on us. This was, perhaps somewhat foolishly, ‘suposed’ to be one of those perfect pretty days, full of sunshine and laughter (to be fair, there was probably more of this as a result!) with a nice picnic on the grass as kindly organised by MCM to celebrate the success of Wish Magazine!

Turns out, Mr Blue Sky wasn’t so happy about that idea, so after a good hour of walking from shelter to shelter in Battersea Park, myself and the Wish Magazine crew decided to peg it like cats in the rain back to our big, beautiful ‘look at us’ bus – the MCM routemaster!

I might sound peeved about the weather, but it was actually such a fun day! As our dear friend Mariell, who wrote the awesome article Two Redheads Walked into a Bar, mused afterwards; it made the day so much more interesting. Sometimes it’s best not to be twee and perfect but to have a bit of excitement and a good story instead!

rain dripping off the roof in park downpour london

picnic carrying bags of shopping

mariell hjartesmil drinking champagne outside

lucy nicholls toasting champagne wish magazine

Playsuit in top picture – Traffic People / Lace jacket – Darling / Bow ring – Boohoo

All photos by Carrie

The rain did kindly clear for ten minutes. It was just the perfect time to crack open the champers and toast to the magazine that Carrie and I both worked so hard on and that so many of you love. We were most happy to be welcome Mariell (who posted about this here), Marin (who modelled in A Best Friend Kind of Weekend), Bart (who photographed Desk Job), Emma (who illustrated Will You be my Penpal?), Caitlin (the intern who featured in Working Out Your Future) and Holly (our amazing sub-editor who was so dedicated in editing our whole 88 page beauty.) Thank you so much MCM for taking us on a wonder-tour of London in your bus and for keeping us happy with bubbles and tasty treats!

It’s not too late to buy a copy of Wish if you haven’t already! Just pop here to get one or here to find out more about it!


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  1. what a wicked way to celebrate ay, a flipping routemaster! Shame about the weather but to be honest it makes some pretty interesting photos and you guys all look like you have tons of fun still. Nice that though guys flew over (I’m right in saying their not from our shores, defo seen them on their blog).

    thanks for swinging by, to be honest i’m not 100% confident I could make something like that wooden bike rack. I’m love to have learnt a trade like carpentry when I left school but sadly i didn’t, sure would come in handy now. Thanks for what you said about my new header, the re-design is mostly done now. I should have really changed over the wordpress I’m thinking though. I would have so much more freedom, if it looked half as good as yours I’d be well happy. Your design is top banana

  2. This looks like a fun day despite the weather, haven’t you learnt by now not to rely on British weather? Ha 🙂

    Congrats on the success of Wish, I bought it and loved it!!! Eagerly awaiting Wish no. 2?? xx

  3. Oh wow, Lucy, thank you so so so so much for your lovely comment !:) You are such lovely girl. I love your blog and Wish Mag. Don’t thank me, silly :)! Of course, I had to post it. My blog is very important for me, just like this mag :)! Many people asked me where they can buy it 🙂 I sent links so I hope it helps 🙂 Anyway! I cannot wait for next issue! 🙂 You guys rocks 🙂 This mag is very close to girls, just like we 🙂
    So this day was perfect ha :)? Even weather was beautiful :)!
    And lovely photos tho!

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