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Have you bought your Wish Magazine yet? lying on back in sun

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laughing in the sun with magazine florals


Desk Job editorial in Wish Magazine showing open colourful stationery shoot

Welcome to Wish!

If you’ve not heard about Wish Magazine yet (how could you not when I’m constantly posting retweets and updates on twitter?!) then hopefully you might understand why I’m harping on about it now! The reason is that I made it myself, I’m selling it and I’d love you to have a copy too! I created it with my best friend Carrie of (any guesses from where the we took the magazine’s name?!) as part of our final university project.

In 3 months we held meetings in our living room, created big timeplans and online spreadsheets, contacted all our closest creative friends, shot, wrote, emailed and slowly moulded our perfect magazine. Our goal was to create a beautiful journal, free of ads with attainable shopping items that radiated optimism and love with every turn. What we really wanted was to extend our world out of the computer, don’t you think we spend too long infront of screens?

Have a flick through and you’ll find my article on the importance of buying British, followed by a fun and colourful photoshoot which will make you want to hang out with your bestie! Whilst on the subject of colour, check out my stationery feature where my desk turned into landscapes and read my penpal letters from when I was 11 at the back! Also, don’t miss our article on being an ‘Early Granny’. Then find out just how granny you are with our fun poster. Then, tell us about it on the Early Granny fb page!

Two for Tea feature in Wish Magazine Bake a Boo sunglasses and flowers

The Early Grannies in Wish Magazine with Penhaligon's perfume inside pages

Filing out quiz in wish magazine with free pencil in the park

using star stickers gold strip inside Wish Magazine pick favourite shopping

 I’d just like to thank…

My muhhm… To Carrie for learning inDesign especially to create the page layouts, my close friend Holly for reading every piece of writing 10 times to check for mistakes, all our friends for dedicating their time for free to create unique and beautiful sentences, photos and illustrations, the brands who leant us products because they knew we wouldn’t make their clothes look horrifically ‘studenty’ and our assistants who volunteered to help with the launch party. I’m so thankful that everyone has believed in us and I’m delighted to have brought girls from everywhere together who have all been so excited to step into our non-digital world. Mostly though, thank you to Penhaligon’s – the superbly British fine perfumers who trusted us and agreed to support us in our brave endeavour!

Go get it! Wish magazine is all about the tactile – we even send a cute little pencil, an illustrated poster and a strip of stickers so you can have lots of fun on your own or with friends! We’ve sold lots of them already but if you fancy yourself one – pop to our shop here to buy it for £5

win win win Wish Magazine Penhaligon's candle bag treats lookbooks

Win a Wish Goodie Bag!

Have you already ordered yours? If not, pop to the shop now! Once you receive your copy, just send a photo/instagram snap of your mag to us on Twitter with the #WishMag and I’ll enter you into a draw to win this Penhaligon’s goodie bag with a candle, Aubin & Wills nail varnish and lookbook, additional poster (now you can have both sides!) and one or two extras.

We’ll also be creating a big photo montage on facebook so snap us your creative Wish Mag shots! We love this one of Winnie!


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  1. Love your blog and that you and Carrie were able to create a magazine. I think it’s every girls dream to start our own magazine since in my case that’s what I grew up looking at most of the time. And having that dream come true, is really exciting. I will be purchasing my own copy of Wish magazine and I hope one day in the future I can start my own magazine. I’m currently part of a group call Museuem Teen summit where we just recently started our own online magazine. We are still pretty new, and have so much to learn. But magazines like the one you created with your friends, motivates me to continue writing and getting my writing out there so when the time comes I will be able to start my very piece. Thanks for this and for being an inspiration to us.

    Feel free to check out my blog :

    Or take a quick look at the online magazine I contribute to

  2. Just got mine for a birthday gift and love it! My boyfriend was curious though… how often do issues come out (if more are?)

    1. Oh wonderful!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🙂 Perfect present 😉
      We actually don’t have a definite publishing schedule but maybe, just maybe we’ll get one out for winter! Fingers crossed! Just keep an eye out for the #WishMag hashtag!

  3. Your magazine looks so lovely!

  4. Suzy says:

    How much is Uk p and p?

    1. Hey Suzy, its £3 🙂 x

  5. Maddie says:

    Thanks! Buying now. xx

  6. Maddie says:

    It looks lovely. I was just wondering; can you purchase it at any shops or is it only online? &, is this the ‘one-and-only-issue’ or is it going to be regular? x Well Done.

    1. Hey Maddie!

      Thanks for your questions! This is *fingers crossed* the first of hopefully more issues! It’s just me and Carrie who have put it all together and we’re both currently job hunting so it might be a while till we can afford to make another one! We probably wont be selling this issue anywhere else as it seems to be selling online pretty well! We don’t have many left so probably best to get yourself one on the big cartel site 🙂

  7. Mine is sitting next to me right now and it was a fab surprise to come back to after my holiday! I can’t wait to read it! x

  8. Hi Lucy!

    I know you’ve had a few problems with Wish, but please could you check if mine has been sent out yet? I still haven’t got it and I bought it the first day they went on sale! I’m a bit worried it has got lost in the post as I’ve seen you have sent the majority of them out now


    Emma xx

  9. I’ve been saving my copy to read on the train to Liverpool tomorrow – it’ll make the long journey little more bearable! I’ve loved flicking through it, so I’m sure actually reading it’ll be a treat xx (ps, I hope you nicked the pencils from IKEA!)

    1. pahaha!! We never took a trip to Ikea – luckily they turned up! 😉 Hope your copy serves you well on your journey! xx

  10. Oh wow, I had no idea that it’s yours! I saw it million times on random blogs and I even wanted to buy it yesterday, but the shipping to Poland is so fucking expensive :(. I really wish I had this. I bet you did great job <3 I'm gonna ask my mum, maybe she can buy it to me ^_^ Keep your fingers crossed <3 My new dream hah <3 Much love,
    would you like to check my last post? i really care of your opinion <3

    1. Hey Katie!
      Yes Wish Mag is mine and my best friend Carries! 🙂
      I’m so sorry about the postage cost 🙁 I really really wish it wasn’t so much for you but sadly that’s what we have to pay to send it to you. I really hope you’ll be able to scrounge the cost of it from somewhere as I know you’ll love it!

  11. Intresting magazine!!!!
    Very beautiful look!!! Wonderful foto!!

  12. Nic in Tokyo says:

    Hi, I’m your new follower!
    I like your blog, looking forward to your posts!

    I’m writing about beauty mainly, hope we can share things about beauty and fashion in the future 🙂

  13. Just ordered mine!!!!! Woooot!! I didn’t have enough money, but as soon as I got it I ordered it! Wooot!! I can’t wait for it to arrive! I’m sure the wait will worth it. 😀 By the way, congrats! !! I’ll send you my instagram pic! 😀

  14. Lovely pictures as always, I LOVE my copy, I am going to get my flowchart framed to show my true granny self 😉

    Maria xxx

  15. The magazine looks fab – congratulations! Looking forward to ordering my copy soon!
    Lianne x

    1. YAaay! Do it! 😉 xx

  16. I got my copy of Wish Magazine in the mail a few days ago… I’m in the USA… and was waiting so patiently for it to get to me! It’s GORGEOUS! I love all the thought & details you & Carrie put into it. Bravo ladies!

    1. Thank you so much!! I got your instagram pic! 😉 I love that we were able to send them out across to the USA, feels so good to share! xxx

  17. I ordered mine the other day. Looking forward to receiving it! 🙂

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