Going for Gold!


Olympic rainbow flags colours

Sunset view over Hyde Park people picnic

Flags in Hyde Park for the Games 2012

Jumping off flag podium Hyde Park Olympic

Lazer cut T-shirt and White thin jacket – ASOS / Heeled trainers – thanks to Boohoo.com / Space rucksack – Lazy Oaf / Shorts – H&M / Heart earrings – thanks to Hannah Zakari / Watch – Guess

 London in Golden Light

Incase you hadn’t noticed, some big sporting event is taking over our tellies at the moment. At first, I didn’t really care hugely for this daily life-intruding event even though it would be celebrating loudly under my nose in own my home town. Luckily, my French cousin Lorene rode over on the Eurostar and shook me by shoulders just in time for the opening ceremony, pronouncing that we were to absorb olympic spirit to the full!

Now I can’t get enough; I check London2012.com every day for event listings and watch competitions live at BBCsport on my laptop whilst frantically packaging copies of Wish magazine to beautiful young ladies around the world. And I’ve been dressing like this. Come on now, I’ve got to make the most of it! All this sport chic is my kind of thing so it’s going to be coming out this week!

Lorene has now gone back home but she was here to set me off the starting  blocks properly. We spent most evenings in Hyde Park at BT London Live, a free 2 week event that feels like a little festival. The perfect (and pretty peaceful) place to meet friends, have a beer (albeit an expensive one) and choose between 4 huge screens or live music to watch. We caught the rather dashing Will Young perform on the first night and soon forgot about all the food we had to throw away at the entrance when he stripped off to his scanty panties!

Lorene and Lucy smiling sunset Hyde Park

Jumping having fun in Hyde Park London Live 2012

BT London Live watching Olympics Hyde Park

Watching the Men’s Gymnastics – I may have fallen over from jumping too much… how athletic of me.

Boohoo heeled trainers red orange sporty heels shoes sneakers

London Live at Hyde Park sunset big screens fun

Guess watch shoe lace bracelet ASOS holey tshirt sporty

Lazy Oaf backpack space

Sunset over London Live Olympics outside screens festival

Take a look at my last post for an account of the Olympic match that I went to watch! Also, do pop along to The Book Club’s very sweet outdoor bar Basecamp in east London – it’s the perfect place to have a bit of British sporty fun and the interior of TBC has a fantastic creative make over partly made by my friend too – check it out!

P.s – Wish Magazine is now back on sale – quick, grab yourself one before they’re gone! Wish is my collaborative new magazine for girls around the world with lots of beautiful design, articles and shoots. You’ll love it!

12 Replies to “Going for Gold!”

  1. This might just be the most colorful and happy blog I’ve ever laid my eyes on! All your pictures makes me sooo happy! 🙂

  2. Got my issue of Wish the other day – forgot to tell you!
    I’m heading into town today (i.e. “Super Saturday”, probably not the wisest decision) to watch the Games on Potters Fields, by Tower Bridge. So very, very excited! Hoping the sun will put his hat on at some point though, I’d rather not be soggy xx

    1. Yaaayy! Glad it arrived safely!
      Have fun, I’m sure it being busy will be a good thing, it wasn’t quite buzzing enough when I went – get those golds! x

  3. Ah you look lovely, I love how you always wear so much colour. I got my copy of Wish this week and I LOVE it, such a great job, you should be very proud!

    Maria xxx

  4. Ah no way! I was there on sat too and was also watching the men’s athletics!! Might have been sat right next to you and didn’t even know! Hope you had fun! I seriously can’t get enough either- going backto Hyde park today for the athletics (and McFly) hehe!


    1. OoOooh McFly are playing?! Temptiiing! hehe yeah I want to go this week too as my boyfriend refused to come before the athletics started! Might bump into you! 😉

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