Just Graduated!!

Graduation day! fullbody gown shirt skirt hood cape Motarboard

Graduation Middlesex University Hatoff!

 Red, Black and White

So that’s it – the education system is over! I’ve finally graduated with First class honours in Fashion Design, Styling and Promotion (stupidly long and pointless name I know) from Middlesex University. This means that for the first time in my life, I don’t know what’s going to happen next – ach.

I may look like I’m having the most fabby, awesomemest day of my life but believe me I’m not. My new stilettos are sliding beautifully into the rain-plumped soil, my silly mortarboard keeps sliding off my head and I am generally angered by the whole situation. I’m in a thunderously foul mood because I’ve just sat through hours of degrading, pompous speeches from people with silly names that I never knew existed. My degree never really taught me anything and I had a lot of frustrations and disappointments over the last 3 years of ‘education’,  leaving me wondering what actual skills I had possibly learnt along the way. Oh, wait, I do remember one – how to complain!

Grumbling and pessimism aside, I managed to just about enjoy myself by the end of it all and had some nice obligatory snaps taken with my best friend and parentals plus Associated Press (one of the largest news agencies in the world) were there to document the whole thing for a new, exciting project. Apart from never getting the group hats-thrown-into-the-air shot, I’m actually pretty chuffed about my new qualification. So here’s to the future – better get job hunting!

Collecting gowns for degree graduation

bachelor of arts drinks

new look envelope black and white clutch

new look red suedette cut out heels for graduation
New Look heels and clutch for graduation

new look envelope clutch open graduation scroll lipstick inside bag

Red suedette cut out stiletto heels  and Black and white envelope clutch – New Look £19.99 and £15.99 / Racer back white blouse – Topshop £36 / Iridescent dark blue ruffle skirt – Topshop

What to Wear?!

The lovely people over at New Look kindly offered me a little voucher to spend in store. It couldn’t have come at a better time as I was in need of accessories that matched my university colours! (Not easy to acquire when you’re a poor graduate.) I picked up this useful black and white clutch and easy to walk in heels which won themselves a very nice compliment by the scroll-handing, shaking-hand lady on stage – whoop!

Of course, I had the big palava of ‘what to wear’. It didn’t go entirely to plan as a dress I had ordered didn’t arrive in time. I improvised on the day but here were some of my shirt-dress contenders. Don’t forget the button-up front – it makes hanging your hood so much easier!

Graduation dresses

Black shirt dress – Oasis – £45 / Red Evil Twin cut out denim dress – ASOS now £ 56 / Silence + Noise Mesh Yoke Shirt Dress – Urban Outfitters – £55 / Red pleated dip hem shirt dress – Oasis – £60 /  Red Staple halter back dress – ASOS now £28 / PERSONAL FAVE: Burgandy Glamorous open shirt dress– ASOS £32 / Nude tunic dress – Oasis £52 / Black studded collar shirt dress – New Look – 24.99

Congrats to everyone who’s graduating this year! How did your ceremony go?!


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  1. OML, most amazing graduation outfit ever. You look gorgeous! Mine isn’t until February ’13 – some strange and somewhat inconvenient my University have. Love the blog. Only just discovered you.

    Melly xoxo

  2. many congrats

  3. Many congratulations! I can totally understand your frustration at your university, but I hope you told them to rightfully piss off so you could have a fantastic day with friends and family!

  4. Congratulations!!! 😀 you looked beautiful!! I can’t wait for knowing what will come next. Sure stylish plans 😉

  5. Elli says:

    You looked great! Congratulations and good luck for the future! 🙂

  6. Woohoo, congratulations!

    Well done on getting a first. I got a first too so I know how hard you must have worked to get that. Enjoy your summer and have a great celebration!


    1. Aah wow congrats Becky! 😉 Hope you have a lovely summer too! xx

  7. Big congratulations Lucy! I had the same thing with my degree – I was SO over it by the end of it, I barely even wanted to attend graduation, though I was certainly glad I did! Now we have silly, extra cheesy photos to look back on! Hooray!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  8. Congratulations Lucy!
    What a gorgeous-smart graduation outfit you have here, hmmm on my first grad I wore a suit, then on my second I wore jeans, tshirt and a pair flip flops….couldn’t care less LOL.

    1. WOw Kit, you have 2 degrees?! Amazing, congrats hahaa would love to see you in a gown and flipflops! 😉 x

  9. Congrats on graduating! I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy your day so much. I had my graduation last Thursday, had the best day ever 🙂 My blog post on it is here, if you fancy a read – xx

  10. Congratulations Lucy! You look so lovely, love the skirt and belt (: oh how I’ve loved swapping degree woes with you over the past year haha, I can’t really think of much I ‘learnt’ either, except where to complain and who did the best job of sorting out bizniz 😉

  11. Congratulations!! You look gorgeous xx

  12. Ah you look great and congratulations! I was a bit meh about graduating too BUT a year on and I can look back fondly!

    Maria xxx

  13. Congrats on your first! 🙂

    My graduation day and uni experience sucked too, I was so stressed on the day! But glad it was finally over haha

    Lisa xx

  14. Lucy, congratulations!!!! This great day!!! Success in the future!
    You very beautiful!!!


  15. Ah you look great, I wish I could’ve got more colour in my outfit now! Sorry to hear that the speeches were somewhat contradictory, but I know you’ll find something worthwhile after seeing all that you’ve achieved and your dedication. Celebratory Vapiano in London soon?

  16. Congratulations on graduating!! I think you look lovely even if it wasn’t the intended outfit! xx

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