Working It!

Topshop Suit black polkadot silk blazer trousers Nelly shoes stiletto point

Holly Fulton Women for Women Tshirt

Middlesex RAW Old Truman Brewery Fashion 2012

Holly Fulton Tshirt Oasis necklace blazer

Walking exhibition posters suit

Hire Me!

It’s funny how as Bloggers, we find ourselves promoting other people; brands, items of clothing, events and such, but I we don’t consciously advertise ourselves and our own skills. Well, today and in the near future folks, It’s going to be a lot about ME. Oh yeah!

The reason for this heightened narcissism is that I’m stepping out into the big, bad world and, well, kind of need a job. Studying on a Promotion course should help me out a bit as I’ve got quite used to finding creative ways of featuring people and ideas in different ways (see my portfolio section to see my work) but it’s still pretty tricky talking and bigging yourself up, don’t you think?

These photos were taken at my graduate exhibition at The Old Truman Brewery, East London this last weekend. It was a showcase of the best in my class and graduates in other Art and Design subjects. In my opinion, I thought it all looked fab. I’ll show you more of the show, my portfolio and my own installation for Wish Magazine very soon! I dressed attempting to impress any industry guests who might show on the Friday night by wearing my new slinky Topshop suit and was very welcome to be snapped and interviewed by a journalist or two! I picked the two piece up at the Topshop Clearance Store for just £35 last month and love the way it fits and slims. Winner!

sitting in big window truman exhibition

sitting in window east london brick lane

Sitting in window Old Truman Brewery

Here’s fingers crossed to the future! Thank you Carrie for taking my snaps and being the best person I could have ever completed my final major project with!

P.s I’ve entered a shiny little styling competition below. If you like my look, please do go and do a votey here and I might be able to give a voucher away – wahoo. Thank you muuuch!

Jacket and Trousers – Topshop Clearance Store / Tshirt – Holly Fulton (similar here) / Necklace – Oasis gift / Nude stilettos – thanks to


12 Replies to “Working It!”

  1. What a great outfit. I always wish I dressed a bit more ‘fun’ for work (currently temping) but end up buying safe basics that I think will be easier to mix and match. In my head and on my pinboards I have fun and outrageous things mixed together so maybe next time I go shopping I will be a bit more adventurous.

  2. You look great! Recognised the Holly Fulton straight away. Use all of your contacts and ask for jobs. Your blog is great and will help you loads!

  3. Love that suit so much on you!

    Many congrats on finishing your final year. It seems such a shame there’s never a chance to enjoy it as you have to go straight on to thinking about work, but I hope you have taken a moment or two to feel properly proud of yourself!

  4. Good luck, I graduated last year and I hated having to big myself up, I am just far too shy! LOVE that suit, super flattering!

    Maria xxx

  5. You look incredible Lucy, the outfit is amazing! What a bargain.
    I’ve just entered the scary world of being a graduate too, but I’m sure your talents won’t go un-noticed. Good luck with everything you do in the future : )
    Rebecca x

  6. you have such a lovely unique sense of style, so glad to have found your blog! the whole job search thing really is tough, i’m going through it now as well as i recently quit a job! haha, best of luck to you, i’m sure your talents will land you an amazing opportunity 🙂
    cheers from nyc!

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