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Miss Hope’s Anytime Treats

Miss Hope's Teatime Treats book Hope and Greenwood Sweets bag stripey

Miss Hope's Teatime Treats book Hope and Greenwood Sweets

Miss Hope's Teatime Treats book meringues

Miss Hope's Teatime Treats book lemonade

Hope and Greenwood book page open

Miss Hope’s Teatime Treats new book by Hope and Greenwood!

Hope and Greenwood are my new favourite saccarine love. Since ‘discovering’ them for my launch party where they super kindly donated cute bags of bonbons for our goodie bags, I’ve not stopped loving the Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood-run sweet enterprise. I popped round to their Covent Garden shop last week for a magnificently obscure sort of book launch with the kings of quirk, Hendricks gin.

When I arrived, there were four small groups of people all filling a quiche dish with cut vegetables and chocolates… Hmm. But that’s just how the Hope and Greenwood combo roll, nothing is so boring as to be normal, oh no. Turns out these dishes were being constructed to signify a story of a baby in a pond or something. You see, stories being a big part of H&G’s ethos. Teatime Treats is a beautiful little recipe book featuring stunning photography by Christian Barnett and styling by Miss Hope herself (she’s a graphic designer and creates all the packaging design don’t you know!) She’s also fabulously quirky, making it an utter pleasure to chat to her. She explained that each of her recipes have peculiar tales behind them. From a woman who buried her husband in the garden to the nurse who has a penchant for dribbling sticky toffee. H&Gs Teatime Treats will keep you highly amused as you peruse your new favourite treat to try that’s for sure! Can’t wait to get baking.

Hope and Greenwood Miss Hope in shop

Hope and Greenwood covent garden shop sweets display

hendricks gin at Hope and Greenwood book launch

Tart of the Table pond hope and greenwood winner

Hope and Greenwood super sours

WARNING: Do not, ever, in any way be persuaded to try a Super Sour for fun. It is not. It will prevent you from feeling that you have a mouth, will pull your cheeks out till they break, will create so much saliva you’ll drown if you don’t choke on your tears first. Just a warning there!

p.s Apparently, Henry Holland’s favourite treat in London is a white chocolate mouse from Hope and Greenwood so there you go.

Buy the book here now!


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8 Responses to Miss Hope’s Anytime Treats

  1. I adore cookbooks and this one sounds so fun! I love when things have a story and have new twists on classics. Thanks for sharing this :) My mouth hurt just from reading about the sour candy, but I’m still intrigued…;)

  2. Oh hello heaven, can I live there please?! I am googling them now, I wanna get my mitts on that book, looks mouth wateringly good! XX

  3. This cookbook looks amazing, I really love the stories behind all the recipes. I’m curious to see your baking results! :)

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