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How we launched a Wish Magazine

Wish Magazine Launch Party 3D wish on wall papier mache

Wish Magazine Launch Party Hendricks gin bottles teacups

Wish Magazine Launch Party stitched up by Yvonne knitting corner

Stitched up by Yvonne – Knit your own Bow!

Wish Magazine Launch Party posy of flowers

Wish Magazine Launch Party decorations pompoms

Wish Magazine Launch Party table pencils and drinks

Wish Magazine Launch Party Yummy in your Tummy cakes eaten

Incredible home-made cake donated by Yummy in your Tummy (North London)

Wish Magazine Launch Party painted DIY forks wooden

If you follow Carrie and I on twitter or our blogs, you’ll have heard non-stop gossip about the Wish Magazine launch party! I’ll be telling you a lot more about it very soon but for now, pop Monday 21st in your calender for that is when it will be going on sale at!

Party Planner

Whist Carrie slaved away designing the actual magazine and designing graphics for the event, I took on the role of party planner! Sourcing the venue, managing the guestlist and invites and actually preparing and putting the event together were all tasks I set myself the challenge to complete. I knew what I wanted from the start, it would be inspired by pretty things i’d seen on Pinterest and events I’d been to myself, but just prettier and… perfect! The location of The Victoria Pub in Mornington Crescent, London was the most ideal base for our garden/living room set with all its lived-in, slouchy sofas, piano and grand plants. But the the secret had to lie in the details.

With the help of my amazing team of 5 helpers (in their 1st year at our University) and Carrie, we managed to create everything I wanted. We painted wooden forks in our pink, cream and green colour scheme, twisted paper flowers onto plate stands that acted as magazine supports, and baked lots of rose flavoured meringues and biscuits. LOTS of them! Carrie showed some of the girls how to make giant tissue paper pompoms as others worked on making our giant Wish sign out of cardboard and lots of PVA glue as I prepared all our food in the kitchen with the other girls. We decided to deck-out the room in lots of objects from Wish House and went to buy lots and lots of the perfect flowers to make it homely. I’ll show you the behind-the-scenes in another post!

Wish Magazine Launch Party live illustrators drawing guests

Live illustration by Middlesex Uni 1st year Illustrators

Wish Magazine Launch Party penhaligon's candle burning

Wish Magazine Launch Party Early Granny flowchart poster meringues

Wish Magazine Launch Party Earl Grey teabag biscuits

Earl Grey Teabag biscuits! (Next up, Wish tea! haha)

Wish Magazine Launch Party salads in jars

My boyfriend even made us two different salads, perfect for taking away! (50 jars bought on ebay)

Wish Magazine Launch Party shortbread bunting

He even roped in his friends who helped make this shortbread bunting which I ‘commissioned’!

The Party

The day went better than I could ever have hoped for (despite my hidden state of mania setting up in the two hours preceding it!) We had our supporters, Penhaligon’s come along to ‘Fragrance Profile’ the guests – picking out their perfect perfume, plus a special Wish cocktail was conjured just for us by Hendricks gin. They served it up in a big sweet jar which we loved to help ourselves to (many times!) Our sub-editor Hollys mum, Yvonne came along to do a knitting workshop with us ‘Early Grannies’ and our table spread featured a beautiful cake by Yummy in your Tummy which I decorated with edible flowers you can buy here. I can safely say the party was a success! Whoop whoop! Thank you dearly to everyone who helped and came along!

Thank you to our photographer Miguel for the pics. More coming soon!


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  1. Gorgeous! Who did the Early Granny print? Love it xxx

    1. Hellooo my love! The Early Granny print was designed by Carrie and I but a lovely girl called Sarah Clark actually drew it for us! 😀 x

  2. rosie says:

    so cute! love that you had a little team of people and ADORABLE that your boyfriend got all his friends to help too – awwwww remember seeing your loved up pictures on a train ages ago!! how sweet. nice to know it was all hands on deck and glad it was a success. xxxx

  3. Jassy says:

    I’m seriously impressed. You need an amazing job. Your hard work paid off. Well done to you and all your team.

  4. Everything looks so pretty in here! Everybody did a great job the magazine sounds a success already 🙂

  5. You did such an amazing job – definitely the best blog event ever! Hope you are enjoying a well earned rest and pat on the back now!

  6. Wow, I love the thought and creativity that has gone into the launch. Can’t wait to read the magazine. X

  7. This looks beyond perfect. You girls are so talented! I’ve just finished a magazine for my final project (& I’m doing a similar course to yours) I could never have pulled off something like this. It looks wonderful, looking forward to seeing more photos & the magazine itself : ) !
    Rebecca x

  8. What you an Carrie did is just amazing! I would have loved to be there and can not wait to read your magazine.

  9. I can’t emphasise enough how perfect everything looks. If that much detail was paid to the launch alone, the magazine must be amazing. I’m counting down the days till Monday; so excited!


  10. Looks amazing! Congratulations on such a good job, the attention to detail for the party branding is so clever – particularly like the bunting 🙂 x

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