I Want to Make Things!

Black jeans floral DIY

Scissors cutting black jeans

Lace curtain draping

Holding up a piece of curtain in my favourite charity shop which I rather fancied as a skirt!

Pink polka dot bow

Sewing stuff bags of fabric

Just some of my fabric/sewing bags – there’s my orange jacket before I played with it!

DIY sewing pot of pins

Charity Shops and Making Amendments

I always seem to wander into my local charity shop and want things, even if they’re not quite right. My excuse? I can change that little imperfection or I can make that look awesome by tweaking this! I get super excited and can’t wait to trot home and attack the sewing machine. But in reality I roll it up and pop it on the pile of Things to Amend… They stay there until I can be bothered to get the machine and sewing accoutrements out, or more likely, find the time!

Lately, I gave myself some of that said time and turned a size 18 blazer that Gnarls Barkley would look awesome in, into a sleeveless slim-cut coaty thing. Hair-tuggingly frustratingly, I lost all the photos I took of the process. But seeing as it’s not quite finished, I’ll be able to show you the last few bits of the transformation! Something else I haven’t shown you is my new grey marl silver foil T-shirt which I made out redundant Luella fabric tests! I made it a few months back by laying the fabric on the floor with a Tshirt I liked on top and cut around. I’m planning a matching clutch next!

When I popped home last weekend, I syied my 3 huge plastic tubs of fabric and grabbed a fabulous piece of pink lame which I plan to make a hair scrunchy from! I’d love to have some more time to get on with a whole load of other projects – Do you know the feeling? What have you made/plan to make recently?

DIY Silver foil Tshirt grey marl

My DIY T-shirt

Buttons piece of fabric for DIY

A piece of the orange blazer I have yet to sew on!

Posing colourful jumpsuit charity shop fun

Posing in Charity Shop colourful

Finding amazing pieces in my local Charity Shop (Yep, I took up the hem of the shorts – of course!)


  • Lola March 19, 2012 at 10:58 AM

    I keep saying to myself that I am going to be more creative and do things like this but I chicken out in the end X

  • Rebecca March 16, 2012 at 12:38 AM

    And by tweaking them you make them EXTRA cool. I’m definitely jealous of your blouse in the last couple of photos. xxx ps, I think you need to change the link from your bloglovin’ button. When you updated the layout etc. I stopped receiving updates (boo) and it turned out there was a new bloglovin’ feed. I don’t know if that makes sense, sorry!