>ORIGINal Design – Round 2

>Textile art by Abigail Brown

Aren’t these birdies adorably realistic! I love the little specs Abigail give the birds with little lines of black thread and I was super impressed with the visual merchandising of her show space – I want some of these cabinets and props!
Sewn driftwood decorations by Ella Robinson

The colours used in Ellas work definitely caught my eye, especially this vibrant wall art made from collected materials on Brighton beach where she lives and works. I love the idea of sewn wood and I especially loved a big plaque with LOVE written in big thread letters.
Felt jewellery by Danielle Gori-Montanelli

I can’t stand Liquorish Allsorts but I love this brooch! Wouldn’t it be lovely just sat on your table top? Danielle also makes other pretty funky pieces that say things like OY! – Bound to get you noticed.
Luxury Interior Accessories by Shan Annabelle Valla

I had a moment of beautiful calm in Shan’s show space – all pure white matte bottles and some pretty awesome vases, plus I loved her ceramic white and gold glazed Keys that you could wear as delicate jewellery or to adorn your home.
Animal Feltmaker Barbara Keal

Barbara and her husband seem to have a lot of fun at their shows as there are constant smiles from onlookers and those daring enough to try on one of these incredible horn/ears hats. They’re so magnificent and really original. They must be so warm! I watched for ages as people were transformed into mythical animal people – best garden party accessory ever!
Customized suitcases by U Old Bag!

After seeing these beautifully adorned suitcases, there’s nothing else I want to take on my travels! No matter how close I looked I just couldn’t work out how they had been so well finished, is it a laminate that’s tucked under the old seal? No idea but I want one!

I hope you enjoyed my last instalment of my favourite bits of Origin Craft Fair in London (see here if you missed it!) These are my other favourites, all slick and colourful. It’s so invigorating and inspiring when you take the time to see these exhibitions and fairs, I wish I could do it more often.

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  1. >Those suitcases are really gorgeous- that fish one is my favourite, you'd spot that a mile away moving along the carousel at the airport! Really adore the sewn driftwood by Ella too, so clever and must have taken so much time to create those little holes so she could stitch them! They're so pretty!

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