Liberty Lounging

My favourite piece! – The rainbow sofa-seat-thing with mismatching textured buttons – only £2,500 – Wahaay!
I’m sure if you follow me on Twitter, you will have heard lots about me working at the famous Liberty for a 5 week internship in Visual Merchandising. In a floral-decorated nutshell: It has been brilliantly insightful, physically hard work but also fun and relaxed! I have lots of things that I would love to show you. Certainly for me, I yearn to see behind the scenes peeks of how the fashion business works so I will try to show you what I’ve learnt and how I’ve contributed. Firstly, my new found love – Homeware! Oh my goodness, I think I’m being converted to interiors. The brilliant thing about the luxury emporium that is Liberty, is that all pieces of furniture in Home are one off, unique pieces. All quirky, both modern + playful and vintage + serious at the same time. It has been so much fun making ‘rooms’ with my lovely colleague Paul. With the arrival of new stock, we’ve spent afternoons pushing huge sofas from one end of the room to the other, knocking our shins, picking out soft furnishings and matching colourways. I know it doesn’t look all that difficult but when you have a million possible combinations of what sofa could go with what table, the process takes hours. It’s like furnishing a new house but lots of times! More to come!

P.s Tomorrow is my last day at Liberty but I’m going full steam into London Fashion Week! I will be putting a fresh spin on my experience this season with Lucys‘ Shiny Thoughts of Fashion WeekMini round-up insights into each day with a humorous slant! Pop by each evening for a nosey!

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  1. Lil says:

    >What a lovely internship, its looks like a fantastic experience!

  2. Harriet says:

    >Hey, Liberty looks so fun! Thanks for giving us a little insight, the idea of being behind the scenes at somewhere like Liberty is fascinating!

    It was really great to have a chat today, it made my day (even better?!), so thanks for that!

  3. chinadoll says:

    >Eee I'm excited to hear what you have to say about LFW, most bloggers suddenly get so straight laced and serious about the whole thing. It's like a collective sense of humour failure. So here's to keeping it funs! xx

  4. [Anna] says:

    >Sounds like a great internship. I look forward to your fashion week posts! Wish i could go. booo.x

  5. S. Ellen says:

    >I've never been to Liberty but long to go! Hopefully soon. That fireplace is beautiful x

  6. Filipa says:

    >What an interesting internship to have. I have always wanted an internship either in fashion or design, but most of those are in London, and i never wanted to live in London so I didnt really invest my time into trying it out. How amazing must it be to see all the inside scoop at Liberty (Heck yea!) 🙂 Have fun at LFW! 🙂

  7. Hannah says:

    >I love home wear, there's such something special about furry rugs, big sofas and floral cushions! Can't wait to see your behind-the-scenes post. Maybe see you at LFW too =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  8. E is for Eleanor says:

    >Ahh can't wait to see your LFW posts!

    Also, all of that looks beautiful. What a fantastic internship to have done 🙂 x

  9. Cellardoor Magazine says:

    >We love it, especially that amazing fireplace. We're well and truly jealous! xx

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