Behind the Scenes – My Liberty Internship

The Office – After a long day I could climb onto the roof of Liberty and catch a glimpse of the sunset. When you’re so used to being a little ant scrambling around on the pavement of one of London most famous areas, it’s empowering to look down over the roofs instead. Visual Identity share an office on the 5th floor with Graphics – It was brilliant being able to see what they were up to on their MACs and catch conversations. Whether it be that Menswear urgently needed a sign printed or that more vinyl needed ordering, I was able to hear it all. Aren’t the pinboards and signs so cute? There were many screenprinted papers with the moto “We’re not Posh, We’re Arts and Crafts”. Brilliant.

Odd Jobs – Yes thats a bag of origami paper boats, one of the 3 bags worth I folded for the new Chocolate shop! Daily tasks included making outfits out of Liberty fabric without cutting the fabric, tidying the basement and roof storerooms, making 3D cardboard letters to go around the store, moving, stripping and dressing mannequins and screwing heads onto stands! Everyday was a little different and ranged from the glamour of steaming scarves to *ahem* not-so-glamorous task of picking up dust piles.


Fashion Week Prep – In the week running up to London Fashion Week, the VM Fashion team were busy bees. To spruce up the store we had brown paper bags with cartoon faces, illustrated by Graphic’s senior designer Matt Blease, which were popped over mannequins heads, parasols with Liberty prints were hung around the main mirror and vinyl designs stuck around tables and surfaces. I was given the charming job of going out to Ann Summers 3 times to buy a black plastic tape which me, my college and the senior fashion editor of LOVE magazine used to bandage mannequins heads, arms and legs for the big LOVE magazine party for Alexander Wang which was thrown on Monday night in the main fashion room. Also for this event, I was asked to experiment with space blankets, twisting them around the pillars to see what would look best. I also took on the role of flash flyposter girl, whacking huge posters of Kate Moss and Lea T on the outside Liberty windows and inside them. Who knew it could all be so naughty!

After a sneeky peek into what I did in the Home department of Liberty the focus is switched to the Fashion areas where I concentrated most of my efforts for 5 weeks as a Liberty Visual Merchandiser. I shall say it now – My muscles ached and I didn’t expect to be lifting so many heavy things nor scrabbling about in cold basements but all in all the experience was rewarding. I have to pinch myself a little to think that my work is in London’s best shop for thousands to see! In my next post, I’ll show you the finished products for you to see in store.


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  1. she851518 says:

    >You have really great work on fashion, I have also some Fashion weeks on my blog, Thanks

  2. Roz says:

    >It sounds like a really interesting internship to do – and I like the picture of the mannequin covered in fabric scraps. Very tempted to do something similar with my own now. When I was at LFW, I said that Liberty should show a collection on Floral Street!
    Oh & I love my thought bubble in the previous post, it looks fantastic. Once again, so nice to meet you!

  3. The Fall says:

    >this looks wicked!

  4. Hannah says:

    >This looks and sounds like you had a totally wonderful experience. Despite all the random odd jobs you got to do so many interesting and exciting things

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  5. ouestladiscotheque says:

    >This looks amazing 🙂 You sound like a very hard working intern ! Thanks for sharing all this with us. Do you mind if I ask how you went about applying and securing your internship? I want to start looking into interning for next summer. Molly xo

  6. Filipa says:

    >Oh Lucy I'm so jealous, this is like a dream internship for me! But I'm happy for you 🙂 Do you know what you'll do now?

  7. kirstyb says:

    >ah sounds like you had a fabulous time xxxx

  8. Raffles Bizarre says:

    >Wow looks like so much fun! I've always wanted to do stuff like that!!

  9. Kit says:

    >Ahhhh so that's what the black pvc tape were used for ;P

    Lucy, this is the best insight into VM….a great example of real behind the scenes in retail…..would love to see more of that in all retail shops.

  10. Hello Bee says:

    >I love this post. All the secrets backstagey bits you never seen are definitely the most exciting… thanks so much for sharing sweetpea! Although of everything, I love the sunset shot the most, it's a really unusual and beautiful London view; very Mary Poppins! x

  11. tamsin says:

    >I was in Liberty with my mum and sister (their first time there) this Friday, so beautiful! I hadn't been in for ages – love your work 😉

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