>New Start


New year at Uni = New Home
But not just any old house, I’m lucky enough to have moved into my best friends house which is possibly the best situation a fashion girl could be in!
I’ve only been here three days but already I’ve settled into my new room by propping up my bits and bobs (read: useless rubbish!), blu-taking photos, advising Carrie on how to style her dresses and cuddling the cat. Living with someone as creative as you and doing the same course and who happens to make the other side of your coin is really quite a scoop.

Here’s my room transformation from this:
To this!:
Just above you can see a peak of a wardrobe which I decorated before I moved here, it was plain, dark wood before by I wet’n’dried it down and gave it a good few coats of paint and now it looks just right in this new room.
My favourite object ever – the toy xylophone as seen on Miguel Santanas showreel

Paul, the Plant came free with the room too! He’s sitting beautifully on my hand made trunk which my wonderful neighbours from home crafted for me
The all important desk, where ‘miracles’ are made.. Or so I wish. This is where I’ll be stationed to for most of my waking hours so sadly it’ll become a struggle to post but with all the weird and wonderful assignments I get given, I’m sure I’ll find enough snippets to tell you about!


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14 Responses to >New Start

  1. >lucy lucy lucy. you are wonderful! please come do a changing rooms on my student digs! and reply to my email, missy! xxx

  2. >Looking fab, those bits and bobs really make a room, don't they? The phrase 'odds and sods' springs to mind too…

  3. >ooh, wow, you two are going to have so much fun together! Good work, it looks like, well, like home :)

  4. >You've created such a beautiful space! That was the effect I remember going for with my student digs, and it ended up looking…ummm…interesting. I hope you have a great time living and studying there :).

  5. >Hiya, new follower here!
    Wow your room is amazing! I've just moved into a flat at uni with my boyf but havn't got around to decorating properly (or unpacking fully actually, after a month!), I fear it won't be as beautiful as you room! You have such great stuff, love the trunk!

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