Le Mont Saint Michel

I’d like to dedicate this post to a very special French person who will be greatly missed.
Vive la France!

Le Mont Saint Michel, Normandie



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  1. A Flourishing Perspective says:


    What a wonderful post. 🙂 I hope everything is alright with you, dear. This castle I must go to when I travel Europe someday.


  2. Prad Savania says:

    >Hello, how’s it going? Wow, great post and BlogSpot indeed!

    Love Heels??

    You should definitely check out my shoe design BlogSpot! All my designs are hand-drawn too! I am hoping that my illustrations will help me get a foot into the footwear designing industry! Take care x

  3. chloeeleanor says:

    >B-E-A-Utiful photos… I've also been and it's stunning. Well done for being such a tough little cookie and I also hope you had a fabulous time at PARIS FASHION WEEK AAAAHH! lotsa love 🙂

  4. red | hongyi says:

    This is crazily beautiful! I really missed out not going there – i was in europe just 2 months ago!

  5. claire (jazzpad.) says:

    >Aaah I was here a few weeks ago! 🙂 Are these yours snaps? I'm assuming they are, they're terrific jazzy ♥

  6. Diana Mieczan says:

    >Those are such a stunning images…I love the last one so much! I so want to go there now:) hahah
    Kisses and wish you a fantastic evening:)

  7. danniekate says:

    >these are some really stunning shots, you should be proud 🙂 hope you're a little patched up now! xx

  8. Katie says:

    >Ohh wow! It reminds me of Hogwarts!!!! Mega Hogwarty… Seriously, really want to go there now and pretend I'm a wizard haha, looks AMAZING. Hope you're ok Lucy-loo <3 xxx

  9. >Beautiful pictures, what a stunning place.

    I hope you're alright! And yeh we should all feel very blessed for having our friends and family around us.


  10. E is for Eleanor says:

    >Mont St Michel is one of my favourite places ever. I love it there. And I hope you are ok, having good people around you is such a blessing x

  11. Hannah says:

    >These photos are stunning, I've always wanted to go to Normandy, it looks so magical x

  12. Kit says:

    >Beautiful holiday pics as always dude! I thought the place looked very Cornwall-ish.

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