>Letter From London


I picked up this rather attractive looking paper at London Fashion Week. It called to me…
Its Pop Art inspired cover and Zine appeal meant it had to be grabbed, what an awesome front cover it is!
Isn’t it so refreshing to see a paper like this when there are so many other publications/business cards/flyers that have a conservative and constrained look (particuarly at FW)?
This lovely jem ticks my boxes. Yay! to:

Model has speech bubble for credits!
Flow chart makes for fun and easy reading!
Its on Newsprint!
It has pretty and light colours!
It features Polka dots and Sun bursts!
Its colourful and Comic-like!

So whats inside?
A guide of what clothing themes to adhere to for Spring Summer for all those at Fashion Week and a way to show off how fabulous LFWs 25th Anniversary outcomes were! Enjoy!

“As fast and fantastically as pixels can pop and inkjets spray… pure psychedelia, reinvented the twentyfirst century way!”
“Nude, neutral, taupe, fawn, mushroom, cafe au lait, olive, khaki – The London collections stretched the possibilities of beige to the limits of the colour vocabulary.”
“The stunningly modern glamour of liquis metallics – Silver, bronze and subtle sparkle – were a shimmering highlight in London’s silver anniversary summer.”
“In the culmination of London Fashion Week’s 25th year, the annual fashion awards evening was a stellar night out in true British style – A moment to celebrate the royalty of great British fashion individualists, their influence through the world over a quarter of a ground-breaking century.”

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  • sophiemakesthings March 3, 2010 at 12:17 AM

    >I loved it too- it's currently blue-tacked up on my bedroom wall! 🙂 x