>Les ‘Peoples’ Face Hunting


During my Parisian fashion frolics, I kept out a beady eye for the dramatic lurching action performed by photographers the minute they spot an ‘important person’.

First, a cry or sudden movement, next a void where people once stood and ahead a scrabble, similar in appearance to seagulls fighting for a lone chip. Scuffling, followed by a wave in a sudden direction was when I would rush into action, partly because I would only just have realised what was going on and partly because by now, the mass would be gathering speed and heading my direction.
You have to get out the way quick! Or, like on my first day, you’ll get knocked over by Anna Wintour…

Yes, I forgot to look which way she was coming, I looked through my viewfinder and next minute a slight pressure to my left and a hazy bob shape on my camera playback…

Beth Ditto striding into Galliano after sporting a different outfit 15 mins earlier at Sonia Rykiel

The lovely Sarah from Australia studying Fashion Masters in Paris after having been spotted by Mr Yvan Rodic. She wears vintage and a friends necklace as a headband.

Miroslava Duma (L’Officiel Russia and Glamour Russia) wearing Proenza Schouler outside Chanel. Kirby grip at the end of her plait!

The fashion Red Heads, Grace Coddington and the darling frail Sonia Rykiel.
And, here she is, Ms Anna Wintour in all her hazy glory!