>London Fashion Week! Day 2 – Emilio de la Morena


Welcome back to my view on whats happening at London Fashion Week!

I’ll admit, I feel a little swamped, theres so much to look at, remember and take in, so much one-eye-squinting to take photos and ‘oOooh look at this!’s’ not to mention marching up and down the road to get to different venues!

However I’ve digested what I’ve seen and decided that my favourite shows today were Emilio de la Morena, Belle Sauvage and J Maskrey. But wait! Theres so much more! Presentation by Lousie Gray and lots of other pretty things spotted and which shall be talked about very soon.
I’ve had a lovely time catching up with some lovely bloggers: Carrie, Milly and Fiona have all helped lighten the mood when waiting in queues!
EmilioDLM made me very happy today, I had that feeling when watching the catwalk show that makes you reaaaally want to be the girl that the designer tries to portray. Jeez I wanted so badly to skip through flower fields in delicate folded dresses with little bottom flounces that flutter with every step!
Front Rowers (Susie!)

Hair has been such a big player in my FW loves so far, almost all the shows have sported original, artistic, crazy and cute hairstyles and EDLM was no exception – Just a daisy poked in the side and I’m off…

*siiiiggh* oh how I want these dresses!! (My vote goes to the black one above particuarly)
And the heels, soo beautiful. I absolutely adore chunky heels and the fact that the models could easily walk was a plus!
I think the key to these dresses are the little curtains that are parted to reveal a theatrical tiered set of ruffles – Favourite!

New favourite definately! Please let me know what you think!

  • kirstyb February 21, 2010 at 8:42 PM

    >you got some fantastic pics! dam my stupid camera! I cant believe it died on me on both days! i need a new one! was lovely to meet you xxxx