>London Fashion Week! Day 1 – Ashley Isham and his FLASH GORDONS!


Sooo, my first London Fashion Week day! I’m pretty chuffed and have certainly beaten my daily quota of exercise by just walking up and down Kingsgate!
Everytime I take a step, I feel daggers in the balls of my feet and I’m pretty shattered but its very much worthwhile!
I met some lovely people, saw friends, and spotted some either rightly famous, crazy looking or pure outrageous people.

My favourite catwalk show of the day was the show I waited the longest for (well they do say…) Despite standing, I could still see a fair amount and very quickly established the fact that I was going to LOVE the collection. After some sneaky nudging and snaking, I found myself a little nest to take photos from (directly opposite Miss Jodie Harsh in tall candyfloss hair and a pink lace top) and happily snapped away as ‘Flash Gordon’ forced its way dramtically out of the speakers and teenie girls stormed out in translucent bright plastic mac dresses with dramatic shoulder lines. Star Trektastic! The collection morphed from this furturistic, sharp weatherproof look to a much more feminine and classic prettydresses look. I loved both but the floaty dresses would have lost my attention were in not for the chunky crystals, giving the flowy fabric a punchy stapling down.

I’ve spied a lot of other lovely things that I want to post about so more for you tomorrow!
My plan for the morn is get a blow dry at the Toni&Guy bar, makeup at MAC then go scouting out pretty things – aahh bliss!