>Drinking the sea and Drinking Blood


Crikey i’ve been so busy recently that i’ve got lots of bitty unconnected snippets of thoughts to share! Its a shame they don’t really link up, but hey, here are my thoughts over the last week!

Last Sunday, I was treated to the luxury of a lift to Brighton to browse the quirky shops whilst my boyfriend and his mum went to watch An Education at the Cinema (The one with the stripy leg coming out the top!!) I jumped to the chance to wonder around on my own, seeing what i wanted to see and nosing on what people are wearing!
I also hoped to go to Snoopers Paradise to try and find some vintage photos for a project. If you’ve not heard of Snoopers – you must visit it! Its a crazy second hand/one off vintage/junk shop behind stalls in Kensington Gardens. If you ever need clobber like lots of door handles, 40s clothing patterns, old clocks, old records, wooden letterpresses etc etc – GO!

As i set off, i noticed the above funky sign. I hope its a stop for anyone who wants to get on the Lemon bus. Yes that would be quite likely…

I must admit, i was naughty and bought quite a lot of sweets! Particuarly fudge and buttered popcorn Jelly Bellys – NOMMMM! But how can you not when you see shops like Fizziwigg’s?! Thats Fizziwigg’s with rotating swirls in the window by the way (shame it doesn’t have the same aesthetic on camera!)

Later i met back up with the others and had a much healthier burger at Browns which was delicimo!
Things were dandy until our greatly anticipated Mocktails arrived. James, an avid Mojito fan took a swig expecting a sweet minty yum but something was wrong. very wrong. So i took a gulp and it almost promptly came out again for what i had put into my mouth was seawater. ‘Sorry’ said the waiter, ‘The barman must have put salt in instead of sugar.’ Happy Days! And there was us thinking it must have been a Brighton thing! Christ.

This was the happy moment before the tasting!

I would now like to link smoothly the Fizziwigg’s photo with the following! Halloweeeen!
On Friday i took a trip to the V&A museum in West London for a wee bit of sketching (May post up some artwork soon…) It was pretty cool that the V&A were celebrating Halloween that night with a procession of Simon Costin (The well known Art Director/Set Designer) and 12 followers from the world of arts. They rolled up in a Happy old horse-drawn Hearse and he was carried around the ground floor aptly, in a coffin! Activities went on all evening including makeup lessons, lantern making and film showings. The procession were later seated to a gruesome halloween dinner!

Thats Mr Costin, not Jesus.

One of the guests clearly was feeling rather exhibitionist as he proceeded to mock-choke, flailing his arms around dramtically whilst at the table. In the act he flung a wine glass on the floor smashing it infront of everyone! Cringe. hmmm, too far?! Yes.

All this pretend dying got me in the Halloween mood for saturday! Heres a terrible photo of my makeup but i do hope i find a better picture of me soon to show the outfit!

Scary, I know.