>The Light that made everything Lush


As i walked out of uni today at around 5:30 (rather exhausted after hours of photoshop and screen printing) my southwards dragging face lifted and i actually found myself smiling!
Why you ask?
Because it was so so pretty outside! Its been a long time since i’ve seen a light as stunning as this but today it was out in full force of prettifying every tree and lanes of houses in north London that it could lounge its orangy rays of sun on. Maybe its just the pollution, but HEY! It looked so good i just had to get my camera out and snap. Shame my pics are never as good as the real thing but i think you get a sense that Nature’s great and yeah it’s cold but Autumn isn’t all that bad!

  • Mel-Yu October 25, 2009 at 3:48 PM

    >Lovely pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!