>Dingle Dangle wrists of Bangles


Ouf! what a busy but amazingly happy day!
I went for an internship interview at my favourite magazine and am greatly looking forward to working there!

I also got the result that i’ve passed my foundation with Merittt!

And had a smashing day in the park with friends to celebrate. We naturally bladed around the paths, bought snacks, climbed trees and played footie (well i didnt, i took snaps)

Topped off the day with a dance class

To my interview, I wore my ususal armour of bracelets, bangles and beads so here’s a poem as a dedication:

* Miss Elsie who loves wearing bangles, *
Makes sure several from each limb dangles,
But when she does her hair,
They get caught in the air,
* And noone can undo the tangles! *